In the construction industry, excavation refers to the process of moving earth, rock, and other materials. It includes earthworks, trenching, tunnelling and the creation of wall shafts. Apart from construction, excavation is essential to a number of applications and industries such as exploration, environmental restoration, and mining. While most excavation projects utilise large, heavy equipment to move earth and rocks, there are certain instances where using smaller machinery and equipment is more appropriate. This is true in the case of tight access excavations.

What Are Detailed Excavations?

Detailed or tight access excavations are at least 680mm wide and require the use of smaller sized excavators. This type of excavation work is usually seen in backyard renovations, including landscaping and pool installation, as well as in other projects such as land clearing, site levelling, driveway preparation, and the creation of service trenches, footings, and foundations.

Because most residential areas are densely populated, it can be difficult to use large machinery and heavy equipment without causing a ruckus in your neighbourhood! As such, you will need to enlist the services of a company providing tight or detailed excavations if you need to move soil or earth in your yard without potentially damaging your walls, fences, or your neighbour’s property.

Restricted Access Excavations in Wollongong

When searching for a tight access excavation specialist make sure to do your research so you can rest assured that the people you’ve hired know exactly what they are doing. Ask about their qualifications, experience, and the training they have undergone. If possible, look for references so you can have an idea of their work ethics and how reliable they are. If you are in Wollongong or any of the surrounding areas of the South Coast or Shoalhaven, you can contact Bimline – the restricted access excavation experts in Wollongong!